Claridge Accountants & Business Advisors
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Accounting Services
Claridge Accountants and Business Advisory services is designed to monitor or run your finance department, so you can have financial accuracy. We can prepare or oversee the preparation of financial statements. Compilation, or review of financial statements can be provided according to your needs. Helping you to use the statements in managing your business and increasing your profitability is an important aspect of our service to you.

We can assist you to set up and maintain your non-profit organization's tax-exempt status

Accounting Service

Bookkeeping services
  • Income Statement with very specific revenue and expense categories such as donations, salaries, and so on.

  • Statement of Financial Position with specific categories on liabilities and assets such: cash, accounts receivable, accounts payable.

  •  Functional Expense Statement with all the expenses allocated to either program services, fundraising, or operations.

  •  Individual Program Expense Statement that reports all of the income and expenses for each program.

  • Revenue Support Schedules that detail the organization's sources of income in specific categories like charitable donations, membership fees, investment income.

Payroll preparation and payroll tax reports

Cash flow projections

Compilation, and review of your financial statements


Computerized accounting system consulting and training

Projections, budgets and goals

Review and compile your financial statements

Design, install, and maintain your Accounting System

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payroll preparation

Payroll Tax Preparation and Deposits

Provide training for your accounting personnel

Complete and file your non-profit status application

Provide training for your board on non-profit financial statement usage and effective budgeting practices

Prepare and file the 990 and 990T tax forms

Prepare your initial start-up documentation, including incorporation, federal employee identification number (FEIN), and payroll setup with federal and state agencies.

If you're starting a new not-for-profit organization we can help you prepare your organization's 501 (c)(3) application for tax-exempt status.